Iron they’ll actually take1

ACCRUFeR®(ferric maltol) has a unique "maltol shield" that protects the iron as it passes through the stomach, resulting in unprecedented GI tolerability and clinically proven efficacy.2,3

Woman holding her stomach with depiction of ACCRUFeR and its maltol "shield" in the stomach

ACCRUFeR® (ferric maltol) is an FDA approved oral iron treatment for adults with iron deficiency.2

See what sets ACCRUFeR apart.

  1. Unprecedented tolerability

    In clinical studies, 4.6% of patients taking ACCRUFeR (n=175) discontinued treatment due to adverse gastrointestinal reactions, compared with 2.5% of patients taking a placebo (n=120).2,5,6
    About ACCRUFeR
  2. Unique "maltol shield"

    ACCRUFeR is a non-salt ferric iron uniquely formulated with a "maltol shield" that keeps iron intact as it passes through the stomach. This reduces the likelihood of reactive oxygen species (ROS) formation, which in turn minimizes GI side effects.3,4
    Downsides of Oral Iron Salts
  3. Established safety and efficacy

    ACCRUFeR achieved FDA approval based on three pivotal studies in patients with ID/IDA associated with chronic inflammation and malabsorption.*,1,5 Among patients taking ACCRUFeR, significant improvements were seen across iron indices, including hemoglobin, ferritin, and TSAT.5,6

    *Avoid use in patients with IBD flare.2

    Safety and Efficacy
  4. Available at the lowest price possible

    We’re committed to making ACCRUFeR accessible for your patients. Eligible patients may pay as little as $0 for ACCRUFeR.
    Access & Affordability
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