Your patients have two ways to save

Patients can save with our e-pharmacy partner BlinkRx or eligible patients may join our savings program.

Option 1: Patients save by using the BlinkRx e-pharmacy.

Option 2: Patients save by qualifying for a copay card.

Option 1: Save with BlinkRx

BlinkRx is an e-pharmacy that will help your patients access ACCRUFeR at the lowest price available.

We’ve partnered with BlinkRx to better serve your patients. The benefits:

Free 30-day supply of ACCRUFeR.

Prior authorization support. We’ve streamlined the prior authorization (PA) process.

Commercial and Medicare patients pay no more than $25.*

Free, fast delivery. ACCRUFeR can be delivered right to patients' doors.

Getting your patients started on ACCRUFeR is easy with BlinkRx.

Step 1
E-prescribe ACCRUFeR (ferric maltol) by selecting BlinkRx in your electronic medical record (EMR) dropdown.
Step 2
Tell your patients that BlinkRx will be calling or texting them. We cannot process the prescription until they respond.

If needed, BlinkRx will call you to get prior authorization. They will also work with your patient to get ACCRUFeR shipped directly to their door.

Patients with all insurance types can use BlinkRx to access ACCRUFeR

All patients are automatically eligible for a $25 cash price for first fill and refills.

Patients with commercial insurance pay $0 or $25*

If a PA is required:

  • and approved by insurance, your patient will have a $0 copay.
  • but not approved by insurance, your patient will have a $25 copay.
  • but not submitted, your patient will have a $115 copay.

Patients with Medicare Part D are automatically eligible for a $25 cash price for first fill and refills.

Patients with Medicaid. Coverage and copays vary by state.

BlinkRx is already in your electronic medical record system

Start by searching for “BlinkRx” in the EMR system’s pharmacy search tool

BlinkRx is listed as BlinkRx U.S. Boise, Idaho

BlinkRx address: 4696 West Overland Road,
Suite 274, Boise, ID 83705

BlinkRx phone: 1 (844) 926-2480

BlinkRx fax: 1 (866) 585-4631

NCPDP number: 1310488

  • Confirm both “mail order” and “retail” pharmacies are selected when conducting a search
  • Verify that any other limiting search criteria are unselected

If you are unable to locate BlinkRx in the EMR, view more information in the next tab.

Here’s what to do if you can’t find BlinkRx in the EMR:
  1. Manually add BlinkRx to the EMR
    • Locate the “new” or “add” button in the pharmacy selection screen
    • Input all relevant BlinkRx details (see instructions in the “How to search for BlinkRx” tab above)
  2. If you are unable to manually add a pharmacy to the EMR, proceed to Step 2.
  3. Coordinate with a BlinkRx Specialist at 1 (844) 926-2480
    • A BlinkRx Specialist will request your EMR system (ie, Athena, SRS, Epic)
    • A BlinkRx Specialist will coordinate with the EMR and your office to load BlinkRx into the system—EMR updates may take 24 hours to process
    • A BlinkRx Specialist will follow up with your office to confirm BlinkRx is visible in the EMR

The majority of prior authorizations submitted for commercially insured patients are approved, which means a $0 copay for your patients.7

Here are some helpful reminders for completing prior authorization forms:

Include the diagnosis with the ICD-10 code. For example: 

  • E61.1 - iron deficiency
  • D50.0 - iron deficiency anemia secondary to blood loss
  • D50.8 - other iron deficiency anemias
  • D50.9 - iron deficiency anemia, unspecified

Fill out the Tried and Failed section, if applicable. 

BlinkRx Practice Access Managers can help set up PA preferences.

ICD-10 codes are provided for reference only. Their use does not guarantee that reimbursement will result.

Phone with Rx speech bubble
Call the BlinkRx support team

Contact information

Phone: 1 (844) 926-2480

Fax: 1 (866) 585-4631

Support hours

Monday - Friday, 8am - 9pm ET

Saturdays, 9am - 5pm ET

Option 2: ACCRUFeR Patient Savings Program Copay Card

Eligible patients may receive ACCRUFeR for $0.*

Commercially insured patients who wish to fill their prescription at their local pharmacy may qualify for the ACCRUFeR copay card.

ACCRUFeR Copay Card

Patients can check their eligibility at

*Restrictions apply. Patients with federal or state prescription coverage, such as Medicare or Medicaid, are not eligible. See Eligibility Terms and Conditions for more details.

Download our complete guide to
prescribing and accessing ACCRUFeR.
References: 7. Data on file. Shield Therapeutics Inc. 2022.